Hanjiang-Venturepharm is concerned about global climate change problems and environment protection. Therefore, it has a long-standing safety and environmental management system which ensures the implementation of safe processes.

It has put a great deal of effort into the ISO 14001 Certification and Environmental Management System at the production facilities. In 2002, it has obtained the ISO 14001 Certification issued by Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and also rated as the advanced enterprise for environmental protection and model enterprise for clean production jointly evaluated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) and China Clean Production Center (CNCPC).

The first step to reduce the risk of accidents is a Process Risk Analysis performed during the implementation of a new process in our laboratories. In case of non-conforming results (health, safety and environment), it will propose chemical process improvements or changes.

Currently, the company increases the investment and management strength on safety and environment protection so as to continuously carry out the State safety and environmental policy with endless efforts.


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