Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.:

It is an independent manufacturer specialized in the development, production and marketing of APIs, pharmaceutical preparations as well as intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. It is an export-oriented company with 80% export revenue. Most of its finished APIs had EDMF or COS, and 4 of our APIs passed FDA inspection. It has 4 cGMP plants with GMP certificates issued by SDA. It also obtained ISO14001 certificate.
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Venturepharm Laboratories Limited

It is a technologically and scientifically oriented pharmaceutical powerhouse. It is a member of Venturepharm Holdings, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Market (8225). Since its inception near the end of 1998, Venturepharm has received investment fund from many foreign sources. Today, apart from the founding members, the investors include C Tech Fund, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, Kerry Group, K. Wah Group, SUNeVision, JAFCO and public investors.
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